Step 1

Download eConnect Japan SIM App

* We recommend that you download it before arriving in Japan.

eConnect Japan App (iOS)
Step 2

Insert Japan Prepaid SIM and set it for Cellular Data

  1. Insert a Japan Prepaid SIM into your device
  2. Turn it on and set it for Cellular Data (*for Dual SIM models)
Step 3

Install Profile

* This profile installation does not require internet connection.

Please make sure Safari is up and running on your phone.

Open eConnect Japan SIM App

1. Tap "Install Profile" button on the app
2. Tap "Allow"
3. Tap "Close"

Open Setting

1. Open "Setting"
2. Tap "Profile Downloaded"


Tap "Install"
* Disregard the Not Signed wording.

Enter Passcode

Enter your Passcode if asked.

* Unless set specifically, the Passcode is normally the same as your unlock code.

Install the profile

Tap "Install"
* Do not worry about the warning.


Tap "Done"
Set up is now completed.

You should now be able to use your Japan prepaid SIM card.

Install Profile from the web

Even if our iOS app is unavailable for some reason, you can still install Profile directly from the web by tapping the button below on Safari browser.

APN Profile

After Use

After leaving Japan, you will need to remove our APN profile in order to use your original SIM.
(Settings > General > Profile)

Please check the APN Uninstall Guide for more information.